To provide highly specialized products, services, and consultancy in the field of military flight training, SME, and engineering support as well as to develop innovative projects in support of Armed Forces and Aeronautical Industries


Inspired by the institutional values of honor, trust, and integrity, ACS intends to:

    • Affirm the Company as a highly specialized strategic partner of the Italian Ministry of Defense in the field of military flight training & engineering support services
    • Consolidate the company as a reference provider of after-sales services and training for the National Industry worldwide
    • Develop relationships with foreign industries and ministries as well as implement proprietary aeronautical products and services


Complex aviation and defense project implementation

Aircrew SME consulting

  • Training needs analysis
  • Training design, development, implementation
  • Tailored ground & flight training
  • Operational simulator management
  • CONOPS identification
  • Electronic warfare

Technical consulting for a wide spectrum of fixed wing military aircraft

SME and engineering consulting for aviation and defense programs


Solutions to support defense projects development

Our engineers, SMEs, and pilots contribute to the development of long-term defense projects dedicated at enhancing combat effectiveness, maintaining a long term know how in a wide spectrum of roles, as a service to military personnel.

Pilot SME Solutions to support aircrew training pipelines capabilities

  • Screening and phase 1 training
  • Phase 2/3 training pipelines
  • Dedicated phase 4 training support
  • Fighter training pipelines

    OCU support (3rd, 4th generation fighters)
    Operational simulator support (3rd, 4th, 5th generation fighters)

  • Transport training pipelines (2/4 engine turboprop airlifters)
  • UAV & Helicopter training pipelines support
  • Maritime patrol
  • Transport aircraft
  • Trainers
  • Fighters (3rd, 4th generation)

Proprietary & Partner Aviation Products & Services


ACS maintains EASA/ENAC certification as Special Operator in order to develop airborne proprietary programs dedicated to third parties.

JTAC Training emulator

ACS is developing a system di substitute flying assets during JTAC training.

Partners – EU/NATO small/medium enterprise cluster

In recent years, the company has focused on developing relationships with foreign industries and ministries of defense by starting partnerships with the major global players in the sector with the aim of maintaining a broad and up-to-date vision of the most advanced technologies serving the aeronautical sector.
The Company, looking proactively at the prospects of the sector, is also launching proprietary research projects aimed at creating solutions for the optimization and efficiency of the training processes of military crews using innovative aeronautical products and services.
Our ambition is to establish ourselves as an element of stimulus for the evolution of the training system in the military and industrial fields by proposing new organizational and operational models that allow us to make the most of the potential of the company’s experience and professionalism and play a proactive and strategic role in relationship between industry and the Armed Forces.

News & Events


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